Friday, 30 December 2011


I just celebrated my nineteenth birthday on the 28th, and tbh it wasn't the best birthday because a lot of emotions were running high. I've come home to not only realise some friends have changed, but seemingly I have as well.

For a lot of people, university is a time to go crazy and essentially lose all morals - sex drugs and rock and roll. Whilst I like to party, I'm not keen on throwing some things like sex around. I don't particularly about what others do, people can have sex with everything with a pulse if they want, but it's not something I can indulge in, I'm too highly strung. I'm not one to judge, and it's infuriating to be thought ''boring'' simply because I don't want to talk about or have sex all the time. In my eyes, I find it more attractive to act and look sexy whilst staying on the right side of classy. Anyway there's more to life than sex - it's wonderful and exciting but there's no need to broadcast when you've had it. In fact, it's more boring to only have sex as a topic of conversation.

Anyway, as another year draws to a close, I wish everyone a wonderful new year. Be reckless and carefree, but most importantly be who you are and true to your heart.

Happy New Year!

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