Saturday, 9 June 2012

Danger Days!

First year is OVER! My last deadline of first year was on Friday but I handed my last piece of work in on Thursday. Consequently, I have three weeks of pure partying and I could not be happier, there's the dreaded leaving university for the summer day which is rapidly looming but I'm focusing on enjoying my last few weeks. I'm even more sad as my flatmate is going on exchange for the first semester of year two, so I won't see her till February next year - I'll miss her. Also, I'm spending the WHOLE of August in Edinburgh writing for the fringe fest. I'll be writing for Fringe Biscuit and producing mini reviews, I'm so, so excited!

Friday, 1 June 2012


This is just a quick post before I dash off to my Spanish Oral. I'm currently, waiting to hear back from the uni magazine about a spot as editor which I'm confident I won't get as I messed up my interview. I felt a bit down about it for a few days, but I can't let one potential setback bring me down. If I don't get the spot I'll work extra hard next year to ensure I get a spot, because I really love the magazine.

In other news, I leave Loughborough for the summer on the 29th, and I'll be incredibly sad, but I'll be happy to be home andbeing able to concentrate on preparing for next year. I'm aiming to spend my days volunteering, catching up with people and spending a lot of time working in the gym; the alcohol lifestyle at university has seen me gain a bit of weight, so I'm determined to get it off and more by September. The first thing I shall be doing when returning to Loughborough at the end of September is signing up for the campus gym! Bye for now

Friday, 11 May 2012

Dreaming is believing.

Hello! It was the societies federation AGM on Tuesday which was followed by (drinking) games and free entry to the union after. The theme was back to school so I was clad in my school tie and shirt. It was a fun night and I'm now officially the editor of the newsletter! It's not a particularly exciting role but it's another thing to add to my C.V. Also, I've been accepted as a writer for The National Student which is an on-line magazine, so things are really looking up.
I've neglected this blog somewhat, as my other blog is taking up most of my time ( if you didn't already know). I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from it; I'm so happy that people enjoy reading it! In other news, I'm applying for the position of a writer which would mean me spending a month in Scotland, and it's something I'm really hoping I get, so fingers crossed!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Higher than the empire state.

I've neglected this blog somewhat due to me dedicating my time to my new and more humorous blog:
However, I have returned to keep you updated on things, and let you know what's been going on in my little life. Bascally, I've been preparing myself for next year which looks to be HECTIC, so good time management is going to be essential to ensure I do not flounder. Here's what I've got planned for next year:

1) Work on the uni magazine more I've applied to be the features editor and I really hope I get the position for next year as I've contributed a lot in the past year, and I have so many ideas for it. It's the section of the magazine I'm most passionate about and I want to make it the best section of the magazine.

2)Work for lsutv An email reached my inbox about some roles for the Loughborough student's union television and I'm eager to get involved. Next year I intend to get involved with the television aspect more, but I'm going to the media centre tomorrow to find out what I can do for the remaining weeks we have.

3)Take up Mandarin I'm so so happy I switched to Spanish; my teacher is really nice and I find it much easier to pick up than French. However, my Dad has been telling me to choose Mandarin next year, I want to stick to Spanish but I've decided to a fast track of Mandarin next year which will take up two hours a week of my evenings, on top of the work load I'll already have and all the extra stuff I want to do.

4 Shake up the Belly Dancing Society I'm now treasurer of the society and the committee has so many plans to bring it back to life. It means learning all the routines,thinking of new ways to get new members and generally making the society fun again. This is on top of the things like managing the finances,so I'm going to be a busy bunny.

5) Pole Dancing Loughborough has a pole dancing society and I'm determined to join it next year and if they keep their classes at the same time I should be able to do it!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's Never Safe For Us.

I return to Loughborough tomorrow and I will be one of the last to return, as most people went back in the days just gone past.

I'm slightly scared about returning because of how stressed I was in the last couple of weeks before Easter. However, I feel relatively calm, and I've spent the month reading, writing and trying to secure some form of occupation for the summer. Overall, April has been kind to me and I haven't felt any of the stress I felt throughout March. I've made my peace with some people, rediscovered my motivation for work - I want to do really well for the remainder of this semester. I've also created a new blog: which is more obscure and humorous than this blog, if my writing has a voice, I'd say that my word press blog is more representative of it.

Friday, 30 March 2012

I've been thinking of everything I used to want to be.

Sometimes, when I feel particularly sad or down, I write in my other blog. It's private and simply a place for me to release the thought processes I can't articulate to anybody in person, nor are they things I feel entirely comfortable placing on this blog.

It's sad that we have to hide some of our thoughts from people, but if we confessed everything that we considered or agonised over then we'd be seen as a touch mental. Maybe if everybody confessed what they were really thinking, then we'd be happier. No glossing over deep rooted desires/problems/fears with a cynical joke, no denial and no dressing ourselves up in the armour we wear everyday to protect ourselves.

Maybe, if we were more honest, not just with each other but ourselves, then we'd all be a little happier - maybe.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Say I'm Alive.

The time off from university has allowed me to have a period of self reflection that only the abrupt shift from living with six people in a flat to just one other inhabitant in a house can have.

Perahps it's a result of spending too much time on tumblr, listening to music and reading, but I have this huge urge to write, and as I read somewhere (probably on tumblr) scribble wildly with reckless abandon. I see so many people at university that are so talented in so many different fields that I just want to find my craft and work at it.

However, I'm not a superb or even mediorce athelte, I'm terrible at art and I don't have the charisma to do something like run for a position of committee. My talent lies with words, and even though the creative level of my writing skills is embarrassingly redundant comapred to my academic skill - I want to work at it. I've realised I want to be well read and informed; I want to write something of worth that touches people. I think this partially dawned upon me when I attended ''Speech Bubble'' in Loughborough, which is basically where people perform their poetry. One line in particular (although why I have no idea) was a poem about the small things in life and the line ''It's the first bite of takeout on a night out, when you're overdressed and unbothered'', it was by a French man and it seemed so relevant to my life and the night as a whole was so inspiring that it sparked the desire to start writing creatively again which was only fuelled when I came home and had chance for reflection.