Monday, 26 March 2012

Say I'm Alive.

The time off from university has allowed me to have a period of self reflection that only the abrupt shift from living with six people in a flat to just one other inhabitant in a house can have.

Perahps it's a result of spending too much time on tumblr, listening to music and reading, but I have this huge urge to write, and as I read somewhere (probably on tumblr) scribble wildly with reckless abandon. I see so many people at university that are so talented in so many different fields that I just want to find my craft and work at it.

However, I'm not a superb or even mediorce athelte, I'm terrible at art and I don't have the charisma to do something like run for a position of committee. My talent lies with words, and even though the creative level of my writing skills is embarrassingly redundant comapred to my academic skill - I want to work at it. I've realised I want to be well read and informed; I want to write something of worth that touches people. I think this partially dawned upon me when I attended ''Speech Bubble'' in Loughborough, which is basically where people perform their poetry. One line in particular (although why I have no idea) was a poem about the small things in life and the line ''It's the first bite of takeout on a night out, when you're overdressed and unbothered'', it was by a French man and it seemed so relevant to my life and the night as a whole was so inspiring that it sparked the desire to start writing creatively again which was only fuelled when I came home and had chance for reflection.

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