Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

I go home on Saturday, and I'm actually eager to go home. I feel incredibly tired, and just want a break - althought I have four essays due in the first two weeks back so I don't get that much of a break. I'm starting to feel homesick, and I really just want to see my friends again - I miss them!

What I've noticed is that nights out at uni and at home are completely different. I feel much more comfortable and in my element back home, but here I feel on guard. It's most proobably when you're friends with people for four or five years and friends with people for three months, you feel more comfortable and there's less judgement.I'm thankful I have Laurie with me because she understands, not only that I'm having fun, but also how I dislike the interference (not that I do anything spectacularly wild) from others.

Contrary to what this blog post will lead you to believe, I actually am happy here. I think I've matured somewhat and learnt more about myself as a person. It'll be intresteing to see what Semester two brings.

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