Sunday, 5 February 2012


After a disasterous night out on Friday, I've decided to return home for a few days. Whilst I won't go into details at the moment, I've felt quite low at university in the past few days, and I was in desperate need to return to Sheffield.

Loughborough is a complete bubble because the town is that small. Consequently, I feel a bit trapped at times, and I noticed that my mood had begun to pick up when I was on the bus home. I return to university on Wednesday and then lave for Amsterdam on Thursday night so I won't really be back at university till Sunday. I'm hoping that once I'm back doing my lessons that I'll cheer up at bit, and that my low mood is the consequence of having nothing to do.

I felt quite calm when I returned in January, but again I feel al the old doubts about who I am resurfacing. I feel, at times, that I'm seen in a different way to who I actually am. Hopefully, this is simply a mixture of winter blues, too many free days and hormones and my next post will be more positive.

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