Saturday, 12 November 2011

Lovely Bones.

One of the negative effects of student life is the temptation to eat all the time. During our two week freshers, I actually lost weight due to being too busy to sit down and eat a proper meal. Currently, I feel like I'm gaining weight, which displeases me enormously. My clothes still fit the same, but I feel a beer belly being to form due to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed in recent weeks. Luckily, my impending deadlines have meant I've only been out once this week, and this will be the same for this week. Once I start running again (I keep promising mysef I wil) I'll hopefully be feeling healthier.

Cooking my own food has been an interesting experience to say the least! My flatmates have been amused at my poor efforts, and for the first few weeks, sausages, beans and chips were staples in my diet. However, I recently made spaghetti and a really tasty seasoned mince; soon I shall be challenging Gordon Ramsay to a cook off ;)

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