Thursday, 1 September 2011

I guess this is called growing up.

Now me and all my friends are leaving for uni; a lot of time has been spent out partying in town. It's ironic that I spent over half the year wishing I was at uni, but now I'm almost there I'm terrified and constantly questioning not only my ability to cope, but my desire to go. I think a large part of it is down to having one of the best summers of my life - I've experienced so much.Also, the fact I've met so many new people and grown closer to others will make the inevitable day when I leave so much more difficult.

However, I am constantly reminding myself that I'm fortunate to have the chance to study at Loughborough, I'm less than an hour away from home, and I'm beyond lucky to have two of my best friends attending the same university as me. As for the family and friends staying in Sheffield, and those friends moving away; I'll miss them, but no matter what happens, I'm only a train ride away.

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